The written word.

You use it all the time.

Promote your product.
Offer your services.
Describe your company.
Explain profit and loss.
Introduce innovations.
Tell your story.
Announce appointments.
Convince a crowd.
Report your successes.
Present new concepts.
Attract applicants.
Sell ideas.
Inspire your employees.

You see what I mean.

Let me help you make your
readers see what you mean.






Developing your voice for
          your audience.
I am a highly competent writer and editor with skills forged during more than 30 years in the fields of journalism, public relations, business writing and training. Whatever your communication objective,
I will find the right words to express it.
  My goal is to present your ideas so you get the results you seek. I can help you develop your “voice” to communicate with staff, colleagues, management, boards of directors, customers, clients, governmental agencies, the public at large…or posterity.  
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